Clients from all walks of life have sought me out for my expertise in health and fitness. Whether your goals are weight loss, getting in shape for a specific sporting event, your wedding day, your pre and post-natal fitness or you want just to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, Terry can create a individually tailored plan that will help you accomplish your desired goal. Each regime is designed to target everything you need in a workout and are catered to your specific needs.

I’m a personal trainer who has worked with Terry for a few years at Fitness Factory in West Hollywood. When I was training for my first marathon I started finding all sorts of new aches, pains and minor injuries. I had broken my right foot in several places 2 years prior to this marathon so I was very nervous and experiencing all sorts of pains. I asked Terry for help right away! I met with him each week after every long run and it made all the difference in the world. He found tight muscles and trigger points I didn’t even know were affecting my running. He improved my flexibility, range of motion and help minimize my pain. I know without question that if I hadn’t worked with Terry during my marathon training that I would have limped across the finish line. Instead it was an enjoyable process and I felt great! Terry not only knows how to manipulate the muscle to work for you not against you, but he’s a great motivator and encourager. He was on my team through my entire training schedule and I’ll be calling him when I start training for my second marathon in a week!
— Becky Jennings, Certified Personal Trainer
Terry has provided me with endless challenges in the 12 years that he’s been training me, but the latest assignment he’s given me might be the toughest: encapsulating that experience in just a few sentences. I am no jock, but I look forward to getting up early every Saturday to spend one of the best hours of my week working out with Terry. My muscles ache, but do I mind? No, because we are having so much fun.
— Michele Loud, Senior Writer for Jeopardy
I’ve had several personal personal trainers and massage therapist over the years and Terry is the most well rounded one that I have worked with. I had quite a few issues I was dealing with ( back, shoulder and neck ) when I first started working with him and because of his multiple skill set Terry was able to help me with all of them. His attention to detail is what impressed me the most when I first started to work with him. With Terry’s guidance I was able to over come my issues and continue to exercise without any problems. I highly recommend Terry for any goals you may be trying to achieve.
— Chad Tons, CEO of Infinity Marketing Team
When I began working out with Terry four years ago, I was making twice-weekly visits to the chiropractor and was beginning to think that pain and limited mobility were a way of life. In desperation, I turned to Terry – who came highly recommended by a friend – and I am so glad I did! Four years later, I am in the best shape of my life and haven’t been to the chiropractor since.Terry understands how our muscular system works, resolved my pain, and set me on the path to fitness. Our workouts are a challenge, but Terry is encouraging and fun to be around and I know I am in great hands!
— Jennifer Haughland, Licensing manager for Wheel of Fortune
Terry Smith is awesome and will truly customize your workout. Whether you are a mom hoping to get Michelle Obama arms, or a teenager trying to get fit, Terry will give you both a great fitness regime. My son and I both love that he listens to our concerns and adapts the workout to fit our needs and fitness levels.
— Janet Feeley