Terrence W Smith



I ‘m Terry Smith, the owner of T. Smith Fitness & Massage, a multifaceted company that has been assisting clients achieve their fitness goals for over 15 years. I provide client-centered, health and wellness services for dedicated, goal-oriented people. 

Terry's passion for fitness began at an early age, excelling in track and field and boxing. He turned his passion for fitness into a successful fitness career by teaching group classes throughout the beach communities in Southern California. He then went on to earn certifications in strength training through the (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Nasm. He then expanded upon his knowledge and was certified in Pilates (International Pilates Method with Ivon Dahl). Terry is also a licensed massage therapist with the state of California (California Massage Council). Terry also incorporates  M11 Restorative Techniques into his clients programming. 

As a client of T.Smith Fitness & Massage, not only do I guarantee our work together will leave you looking and feeling great, but you will be working towards being in the best shape of your life. It is my mission to help give every one of my clients the quality of life they deserve!!!


My commitment is to assist clients in achieving the best quality of life possible through an approach to personal training that has been successfully refined over the past 15 years. The first step is to genuinely listen to my client’s needs and goals, as well as to accurately assess their current fitness level; taking into account an previous injuries, longstanding limitations, and any other current physical conditions. Once I clearly understand what a client’s strength and weaknesses are, the second step is that I carefully craft individually-tailored programs that provide a “fitness foundation” from which we– as a team– begin to build upon. Along the way you can expect challenges–highs and lows. My experience has taught me that there are times when someone needs extra encouragement or perhaps we need to refine and adjust the program to get over particular hurdles. But again, having built a solid foundation through those initial assessment steps is what provides our road map.  Far too often these steps are skipped, or ignored altogether. Jumping into exercise without a game plan or fully understanding where they are beginning positions the client down the wrong path from the start. I firmly believe that a well-designed fitness program that takes into account where a client currently is and where they want to go is key to working successfully together to achieve results –be it greater, dynamic strength, or a less rigorous program built for those perhaps just getting back into exercise and who may require a more gentle approach.  Attentive listening and my years of experience, gratefully, allow me to give my clients the tools they need to succeed on their journey to living a more healthy lifestyle.

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